Giving Back

Jukebox hands and hearts

At Jukebox, we don’t believe in living life as a spectator. We believe in making small changes for the greater good and in the possibility of creating something amazing together. We’ve been in the business for ten years, serving clients around the world, but our values remain the same: giving back to the design community.

We started small, and we love helping our customers and the small businesses that have helped us grow. In the spirit of celebrating the communities that have nurtured us, we have implemented a giving back and sponsorship program, supporting carefully targeted opportunities. We thrive on community involvement and we pride ourselves on supporting local not-for-profits, charities and schools, as well as sponsoring special events with a particular focus on arts, sports and education. From TEDx to the Ironman triathlon, we have enjoyed sponsor partnerships throughout the world. Whether it’s printing business cards, posters or booklets, we can help.

We believe if we grow together, collectively we are setting the course for stronger, wholesome communities. If you are interested in our sponsorship program, please contact us at We’ll get back to you by email once your request has been evaluated.