Get Published With Perfect Bound Books

Whether you want to bind your product catalogs or informative booklets, we provide our customers with perfect bound books. Unlike traditional saddle stitched method of binding, the perfect bound method is unique, stylish and gives your books a cleaner finish. With this versatile service, you can not only create catalogs and booklets but also storybooks, yearly diaries, and notebooks, which can be used in-store, at events and trade shows. Even though this binding method has been around for a while, it remains a popular choice among our customers as it gives them the best binding results.

perfect bound booklets with colored paper

Get Creative With Covers

From Colorplan to Brown Kraft, you can choose from a variety of paper stock options to use for your book covers. Our paper options also include Pearl Silver, Cork, and, our most popular option, classic white stock with our Silk Matte coating. But our paper stock options don’t end with the cover you choose! You can also get creative with the inside pages and select any stock you want for them.

Perfect Bound Booklets Pricing