Triplex (3-ply) Business Cards

For the Love of Layers

A business card option with three times the excitement - Layered business cards from Jukebox Print boast a unique triple layered effect and a supreme thickness to leave a lasting impression. They are custom created with your choice of any two cardstocks plus a colourful paper layer in the middle. With so many combinations available, the choice is yours to create your most personalized business cards ever!

Our full range of cardstocks are available for you to choose from for the outside layers. Some of our favourite unique choices include choosing from our Natural Wood or Premium Black stocks, with a vibrant option from our Colour Collection in the middle. 3-ply Cotton Business Cards with Letterpress designs on both sides are also a beautiful option for luxury business cards.

Choices for the middle layer include a wide range of coloured stocks, including more classic options of black and white, or even eye-catching neon shades. For the most impact, request our unique Colour Block layer which adds a multi-coloured pattern to the middle of your card.

Due to the custom nature, pricing and ordering of this unique product is available exclusively through our custom print request.

Triplex Business Card Pricing

Our Favorite Combinations

Our Favorite Combinations

  • Turquoise
  • Bright Red
  • Fuchsia Pink
  • Black
  • Factory Yellow
  • Park Green
  • Tabriz Blue
  • Mandarin
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[{"src":"https:\/\/\/design-templates\/3212-BusinessCard_Standard_3.5x2.pdf","image":"","size":"Standard - 3.5\" x 2\"","format":"pdf"},{"src":"https:\/\/\/design-templates\/3213-3.5x2bcard_L_ART.psd","image":"","size":"Standard - 3.5\" x 2\"","format":"psd"},{"src":"https:\/\/\/design-templates\/3214-3.5x2bcard_L_ART.indd","image":"","size":"Standard - 3.5\" x 2\"","format":"indd"},{"src":"https:\/\/\/design-templates\/","image":"","size":"Standard - 3.5\" x 2\"","format":"ai"},{"src":"https:\/\/\/design-templates\/3218-BusinessCard_Oversize_3.5x2.25.pdf","image":"","size":"Oversize - 3.5\" x 2.25\"","format":"pdf"},{"src":"https:\/\/\/design-templates\/3219-BusinessCard_Oversize_3.5x2.5.pdf","image":"","size":"Oversized - 3.5\" x 2.5\"","format":"pdf"},{"src":"https:\/\/\/design-templates\/3220-BusinessCard_MINI_3.5x1.25.pdf","image":"","size":"Mini - 3.5\" x 1.25\"","format":"pdf"},{"src":"https:\/\/\/design-templates\/3221-BusinessCard_MINI_3.5x1.5.pdf","image":"","size":"Mini - 3.5\" x 1.5\"","format":"pdf"},{"src":"https:\/\/\/design-templates\/3222-BusinessCard_MINI_3.5x1.75.pdf","image":"","size":"Mini - 3.5\" x 1.75\"","format":"pdf"},{"src":"https:\/\/\/design-templates\/3223-BusinessCard_SQUARE_2.25x2.25.pdf","image":"","size":"2.25\" x 2.25\"","format":"pdf"},{"src":"https:\/\/\/design-templates\/3224-BusinessCard_SQUARE_2.5x2.5.pdf","image":"","size":"2.5\" x 2.5\"","format":"pdf"},{"src":"https:\/\/\/design-templates\/3225-BusinessCard_SQUARE_2x2.pdf","image":"","size":"2\" x 2\"","format":"pdf"}]

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