Eco-Friendly Cannabis Business Cards

Over the past few years, due to legalization and law changes, the popularity of cannabis has increased and proven to produce high quality, eco-friendly products, including hemp paper. Due to this growth and the versatility of hemp paper, we’ve created a new product with our cannabis business cards. Our THC-and-odour-free cannabis business cards are made of cannabis leaves but have no negative side effects if consumed in any way. With a unique look and feel, these business cards are perfect for businesses that incorporate cannabis into its products or services. We’ve ensured that the hemp paper that we use for our cannabis business cards is FSC certified, so our customers are guaranteed that they are getting a product that is made most responsibly.

Rich To The Touch

With an elegant and luxurious look and feel, you might be surprised at how beautiful your cannabis business cards will turn out. With a laid texture and cream in color, these type of business cards are on-trend if matched with a monochromatic design.

Custom printed hemp hang tags

Endless Possibilities

From flyers to packaging, the possibilities of print projects that we can create for you with our cannabis stock are endless. Like tree paper, hemp paper is extremely versatile and can be adapted to almost any print project that our customers desire.

Thick & Strong

If you’re looking for a stock that is thick and sturdy, look no further than our cannabis option. Produced at a thickness of 17 pt, your business card will be long-lasting, robust, and durable. Our cannabis stock is also available at a 34 pt thickness for projects that need a paper with extra strength.

Let Everyone Know That You Proudly Print On Cannabis

Download our cannabis paper logo here, place it on your design, and let the world know that you’re part of the cannabis movement. Enhance your branding while impressing your audience with this unique add-on.


Cannabis Business Cards Pricing

Why Should You Opt For Hemp Paper Business Cards?

Save the Trees

Save millions of acres of forest and wildlife habitats by switching to hemp paper. Hemp plants are grown more sustainably using up to 10 times less land.


Hemp paper can be recycled up to seven-times, unlike tree paper which can only be recycled three times.

Less Pollution

Hemp paper is made with fewer toxic chemicals than tree paper making less harmful to the environment to produce

FSC Certified

Our hemp paper is FSC certified, which means that it has been produced in an environmentally, economically, and socially responsible way.