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Top 3 considerations for the perfect Recycled Business Cards

In today’s world, having an eco-conscious brand is of the utmost importance. Here at Jukebox, we understand that many businesses need to make an instant impression of sustainability and natural appeal, which is why we offer a wide range of Recycled Business Cards to choose from - all of which have 90%-100% recycled content. With a variety of colors, thicknesses and textures, the number of choices to be made may be a little overwhelming at first; however, this short guide will help you find the perfect recycled option to match your branding.


Our Recycled Business Cards are far from ordinary. With the advent of our ever-popular 18pt Brown Kraft in 2012 (which made quite a bang at launch), we found that there was a great desire for unique, natural-looking business cards, different from the everyday white stock. We later expanded our Recycled Business Cards product line with the addition of 2 shades of green, 17pt Apple Green and 17pt Mountain Green; new Kraft colors like 18pt Burgundy and 18pt Burnt Orange; and fresh neutral colors from our Pulp collection such as our 20pt Off-White and 20pt Beige, to name a few.

Though business cards printed on a colored stock is a standout on its own, it’s not suited for all designs. Keep in mind that we print using CMYK inks - a combination of cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks are used to reproduce your design on paper. This means that if you order a colored Recycled Business Card, any elements that are white in your supplied artwork will not have any ink and will instead show the natural color of the stock. Color output (the way colors appear when printed on paper) will always vary depending on the color of the stock you choose. So it’s best to do a simulation of your artwork and the colored stock you are interested in, before proceeding with an order of our Recycled Business Cards. You may also order a printed proof beforehand to see a more accurate representation of your printed design on one of our recycled colored stocks.

If you are looking to print a color outside of the CMYK spectrum such as white, neon or metallic colors, inquire about our specialty print processes like Screen Print and/or Foil as this is the best alternative to printing your design on a colored stock.

If your business card design has multiple colors, large ink coverage or if you’re looking to print a specific color to match your branding, we suggest choosing one of our white stocks; and yes, we still have recycled options for you! Made from 100% recycled content, choose either 17pt White Uncoated, 18pt Textured or 16pt Recycled Pearl Silver. These stocks are the most versatile and offer the balance of recycled content.


All of our Recycled Business Cards are uncoated (have no coating and therefore aren’t shiny) and offer beautiful organic textures. Some are very smooth to the touch, like our 17pt White Uncoated. Others, like our 13pt and 20pt Pulp collection and 18pt Textured Uncoated stock, have visible and tactile textures.

18pt Textured recycled business cardsJonathan Dyck Business Cards produced on 18pt White Textured

When choosing a Recycled Business Card, it is important to consider the texture of the stock because the natural fibers will show through your printed design and may alter it in the negative. A classic example is printing a professional headshot on one of our textured stocks. The texture of the stock will inherently appear through the headshot, giving the face an uneven appearance (which is generally not preferred by most people). Now if you’re going after “artsy” business cards and yearn for a textural look and feel, then our textured Recycled Business Cards are ideal for you!


When it comes down to it, the common consideration between a colored and/or textured Recycled Business Card is the design. We emphasize a great deal on your artwork and the type of stock you choose because some blend well with one another, while others simply are not so fitting. As a general rule, we recommend designs with minimal ink coverage and vector images when choosing a Recycled Business Card so that the color of the stock or coarse surface of the stock can shine on its own. After all, when choosing a Recycled Business Card, your design should just complement that stock and not overshadow its true beauty.

There is no better way to experience our Recycled Business Cards than to see them in person. Stop by one of our locations or order free samples as part of our Recycled Sample Pack!

Brown kraft samples

You’ll receive a varied selection of stocks, including stocks covered in this blog, and a great overview of our Recycled Business Card options.