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Kraft Business Cards remains sustainable no matter how popular it becomes

All About Eco-Friendly Brown Kraft Business Cards

It's no great marketing secret that business cards come in all shapes, styles, and colors. From the plainest of the plain to the most over-the-top cards of all, so many different business card styles can bring your contact information to life in a beautiful way. One of the hottest trends overtaking the business card industry lately is the fine quality Brown Kraft business card style. These cards are simple yet eloquent, delivering your information in a format that is just as attractive as it is memorable.

The eco-friendly nature of Brown Kraft business cards makes them even more desirable. This style of card remains sustainable no matter how popular it becomes, and you can find dozens of ways to personalize the business cards to suit your needs. Restaurants, breweries, floral and garden companies, crafters, and many others are already leveraging the simple beauty of Brown Kraft business cards. Discover why these cards are so popular and learn how they might be the best fit for your company, too.

The Benefits of Brown Kraft Business Cards

Whatever the vibe you're trying to achieve, Brown Kraft business cards can recreate it. Use your creativity to design a business card that dazzles your prospective customers and leaves them wanting more. These unique cards bring a lot of benefits to the table with countless ways you can customize your cards to create the perfect business introduction.

  • 100% Recycled-Make a memorable first impression with environmentally friendly business cards. These Brown Kraft cards are comprised entirely of recycled materials, delivering an eco-friendly and truly attractive design that is sure to catch eyes over and over. Brown Kraft business cards happen to be the most environmentally responsible and eco-friendly cards offered today, and they are also the most unique.

  • Wide Range of Thicknesses - Create Brown Kraft business cards with your desired thickness up to 45pt or as thin as 14pt. The added bit of heft gives your cards an undeniable touch of luxury, making this premium style of cards the ultimate choice for impressing new connections.

  • 9 Unique Stock Colors - Take your business cards to new creative heights with this fine selection of nine rich Kraft stock hues--light brown, dark brown, burgundy, burnt orange, navy, apple green, mountain green, black, and of course, the classic Brown Kraft.

  • Classy and DIY Chic - Enjoy the crafty chic look and feel of these striking business cards featuring recycled stock. The Brown Kraft stock delivers an artistic overture for sharing your contact information with style and grace. Consider fonts and graphics that appear stamped to elevate the DIY aspect as well as the overall appearance of your business cards.

  • Elegant Accents - Embrace your inner creativity to design Brown Kraft business cards that add elegance to your elevator speech and the moments that follow. Consider unique accents that make your Brown Kraft business cards even more special.