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Precious as Pearl

Add sparkle to your design with our exciting range of Pearl Business Cards. These stylish, innovative cards offer choices in Platinum, Pink, Gold, Silver and many other shades available by custom request. Like the original Pearl Silver, all have glimmers of green, blue, pink and yellow when they catch the light. These cards are perfect for designers, marketers, entertainers or any industry where appearance matters. They are exclusive to Jukebox Print and unlike any other card available.

Our Pearl product line is perfect for other products as well. Add a glimmer to your wedding invitations, beauty salon flyers, hang tags, jewellery cards and more!

Photographs have a unique look with the Pearl stock – the paper adds an extra sparkle and glimmer to the colours in your photos, while the smooth surface allows for fine details to show.

Pearl Business Cards and Flyers are available with a Same Day Service or 3-4 business day turnaround. More Pearl stock colours are coming soon as we expand our fanciest product range!

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