Gone And Forever Missed Sticker Pack

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As the 90s make a comeback in fashion and beauty, we take you down memory lane to remember the retailers we once cherished and no longer frequent. 

In this fun curated sticker sample pack, we handpicked 11 Canadian brands that will make some feel nostalgic and others wonder what once was. All stickers are printed on our Standard Matte stock. While these brands are no longer around, these retro stickers are long-lasting and will stick around as long as you want.

Available for a limited time only, while supplies. Free for residents of Canada.

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Included in this Sticker Pack:

  • Zellers
  • Bi Way
  • Beaver Lumber
  • Eatons
  • Big V
  • Beckers
  • Jumbo Video
  • Dominion
  • Woolco
  • Canada 3000
  • Randy River


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Canadian Missed Retailer Sticker Collection is not available for other countries.

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