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A premium printing service that offers innovation, quality, and luxury in equal measures, we produce some of the best business cards in Canada.

Business cards are one of the world's most powerful promotional tools, especially when it comes to networking and boosting brand awareness.

We believe business cards are miniature billboards without the colossal price tag⁠—personal advertisements that are as convenient as they are cost-effective.

Whether you’re a startup founder, a creative, an entrepreneur or an eCommerce business owner, we offer a variety of styles, each made with signature finishes including letterpress, embossing, silk matte, foil printing, and black business cards.

With two Canada locations, we produce our innovative line of business cards in Vancouver and Toronto. We provide a premium business card printing service boasting a wide range of premium paper options, masterful printing techniques, custom shapes, and flawless finishes that will set you apart from the pack.

We produce our business cards in Canada using premium printing techniques, helping ambitious businesses and individuals around the world meet or even exceed their professional goals with our attention to detail and commitment to luxury.

From ideation to delivery, Jukebox business cards never fail to impress and our unrivalled end-to-end support & service keep our clients coming back to us time and time again.

For quality, luxury, and value for money, we are the Canadian business card printing service you need⁠—explore our Inspiration page to find out what we can do for you, and your business.

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Create Professional Business Cards Online

Brown Kraft Business card with Foil for Specialized

100% Recycled Kraft

From herbalists and hemp clothing designers to vegan restaurant owners and environmental lawyers, this paper option is for you. Made of 100% recycled kraft paper, it is perfect for anyone that offer eco-friendly products and services who wishes to embody their brand’s message in every aspect of their business’s branding. With a beautifully natural and rustic appeal, any brightly colored design will genuinely pop on the neutral brown kraft paper choices.

Learn about 100% Recycled Kraft
16pt Silk Matte Business Cards

Smooth Silk Matte

A favourite amongst freelancers like graphic designer and photographers, this style of business card oozes with professionalism and sophistication. The silky coating (or finish) does not only give the card a rich, expensive texture but also enriches the original design. As our most popular and affordable type of card in our collection, it goes far beyond just looking and feeling luxurious as it is also robust, sturdy and has a protective coating which can be written on.

Learn about Smooth Silk Matte
Colorplan Paper

Cool Colorplan Paper

Make a bright and bold statement with a stunning colorplan paper choice. From deep blues to crisp yellows, we offer our customers a diverse range of 25 colors to choose from, allowing you to truly convey your brand message through color. With a flawless, smooth surface and a natural uncoated look and feel, this card has an aesthetic like no other. Our colorplan paper is also 100% recyclable and produced chlorine free.

Learn about Cool Colorplan Paper
Deanna Ross's circular shaped, multi-colored Letterpress Business Cards

Lively Letterpress

Create a modern and stylish business card using old-world charm and precision. Dating back hundreds of years, the Letterpress style of printing still remains current and is highly sought after amongst our customers. Whether you are a mechanic or a baker, we can bring your personalized business card designs to life by using our letterpress printing service. Each impression made my the letterpress will be unique to your brand, making it even more special.

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Embossing Business Card with floral design

Embossed Business Cards

Make your business card literally standout with our custom embossing. Add a raised impression to your card design that immediately adds an element of surprise with its an unusual shape and texture. Perfect for graphic designers, 3D designers, and construction companies who work to transform designs into something that makes a beautiful impact.

Learn about Embossed Business Cards
Shiny Holographic Foil on red Colorplan Business Card Stock

Fancy Foil

Indulgent and luxurious, our incredible foil business cards are truly eye-catching with its reflective metallic colors. Using a unique technique, we stamp your designs onto the card leaving behind your choice of vibrant, premium foil colors including metallic black, red, gold, or silver. Perfect if you’re opting for a black business card, the contrast of the foil finish and dark background will leave a lasting impression on those who receive it. Whether a spa owner, travel agent, or chocolatier, this technique truly embodies indulgence.

Learn about Fancy Foil

Full-Color Printing

Everything is better in full color! We offer our customers a plethora of colors to choose which they can add to their designs.


Same Day Printing Service

For those tight deadlines and last-minute tasks, we offer a quick printing solution. Our Same Day Printing is available for the majority of our products, including our business cards.

Find out more about our Same Day Printing service

Free Design Templates

You have access to over 200 card designs that have been created by our team of graphic designers. Each design can be edited to include your contact details and printed at home or directly with us.

Browse our design templates

Useful Online Resources

Through our website, we offer our customers a diverse range of resources, including design templates, guides, and frequently asked questions. We also provide tools, including a shipping calculator and custom quotation.


International Shipping

As an online printing service, we ship internationally. From Canada to Australia, no matter where you’re based, you can upload your card design to our website, choose your specifics, and have it delivered directly to your doorstep.


Customer Support

Whether you have a question or queries, one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives will assist you in whichever way possible. You can contact us directly by popping into our Vancouver or Toronto based stores, sending us an email or using our online chat support.


Create Professional Business Cards Online

Our online service provides two easy ways to create your own business cards.

Upload Your Design

Do you have your own custom business card design? With a few clicks, you can simply upload your design to our website, choose from one of our eight finishes, and submit it for printing. It’s that simple! To ensure that you get the dimensions right, we offer a free design template as well as design guidelines on our website.

Use Our Free Design Templates

No time to design your own cards? Browse our pre-made business card templates where you‘ll have access to over 200 designs. With our free Business Card Maker, you’ll be able to customize your card within minutes. This easy-to-use tool allows you to personalize all text including contact details, add your logo and change fonts and photos. Would you prefer to design your business card from scratch? Our free Business Card Maker allows you to do so by offering you a blank template where you can add and place text, photos, and your logo.

Print Even More

We offer more than just business cards. From hang tags to flyers, our unique product line includes various printable items.

sticker printing

Custom Stickers

Create awareness for your brand or event using custom stickers. Whatever your design, shape or size, we can print it for you.

Learn about Custom Stickers
Circular Letterpress Wedding Inviations for Catherine and Michael

Wedding Invitations

From finding the perfect paper to the design, set the tone for your big day with a beautiful wedding invitation.

Learn about Wedding Invitations
greeting cards

Greeting Cards

No matter what you’re celebrating you can create your own greeting cards printed on premium paper and using your own photographs.

Learn about Greeting Cards

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