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Business Cards are not dead, and this is why

The humble business card has become the subject of a digital conspiracy theory. Many have proclaimed that the day of the business card is gone, unceremoniously replaced by connections through social media, assuming somebody can find you amidst the chaos of the internet. Arguably, the business card is no longer needed. Except, it is. While gone are the days when a simple white card printed in navy blue ink at a strip mall copy and printing centre would suffice, business cards are – now more than ever – here to stay. In our digital world, we long for a sense of permanency, the human touch, a way to be masterfully immortalized on paper. Yet, not any business card will do the trick. Thicker, bolder, flashier, more memorable business cards are the new trend – from timeless to vibrant and playful, anything goes.

Enter Jukebox, a Vancouver-based trendsetting printing company taking business card production to the next level. Devoted to providing exceptional business cards with a sense of innovation, Jukebox’s team thrives on creativity. For them, the exploration of the printing medium itself is as important as the products they create. Take their signature multicoloured letterpress printing services as an example: Jukebox continues to push the boundaries of this intricate method that requires patience, skilled craftsmanship, and – above all – passion.

Jukebox’s contributions to the printing world go beyond the nuanced elegance of letterpress business cards. They have uncommon expertise in old-world printing methods and an appreciation for workmanship, whether it’s the boldness of foiling, the sophistication of embossing, or the discreet opulence of black business cards.

Walking through Jukebox’s pressroom is like going back in time: vintage presses have been carefully preserved and are working at full capacity producing pristine impressions. While it is not always easy to use techniques of the past to serve the ever-changing needs of the present, Jukebox jumps right in, fearless. They stand out not only because they will take on any challenge, but because behind each order there is a dedicated team painstakingly checking even the smallest detail – from the custom formulated colours to the precision of the unbelievably fine lines.

Endlessly inspiring, Jukebox is shifting the narrative of business card printing materials. Striving to pursue the extraordinary, they masterfully print on a whimsical variety of paper of all textures and weights to meet every budget and need, from the contemporary sophistication of recycled stock and reclaimed wood to the understated luxury of cotton and bamboo paper. But their achievements don’t stop at old-word allure; for them, creativity comes in all shapes and colours. Their imaginative die cuts go far beyond basic squares and rectangles to pineapple- and hand-shaped business cards, while the vibrant colour stock spans an array of hues that can be combined into a 2-ply or even a triplex (3-ply) card.

With expertise gained over the years, Jukebox’s intricate printing process is extremely recognized on the international scene – from small businesses to multinational brands, from emerging designers to renowned artists. Thanks to their innovative spirit and outstanding customer service Jukebox continues to lead the way in online printing, proving that business cards are far from dead. They are, in fact, the new trend, because in a digital world the human touch and tangible objects have become precious.

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Andrea Marvan is a Vancouver-based writer and photographer with a passion for design. Her work has appeared in Uppercase Magazine, Montecristo and Edible Vancouver, among other publications. More of her work can be found at