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10 Clean & Simple Business Card Templates Perfect For Any Freelancer

Whether you’re a freelance photographer, writer, baker or designer, getting your name out there can be tough. With social media being overrun with thousands of people that do exactly what you do, it is essential that you find a way to stand out from the crowd. And sometimes keeping it old school is best. With decades of success for everyone from interns to CEOs, business cards may be your best bet on getting yourself out there. Whether you’re at a social event, networking function or meeting with potential clients, giving them a business card is a great way to leave something of yourself with them - a way for them to remember you.

Creating a business card needs some time and effort which many freelancers don’t have. With clients to please and deadlines to reach, freelancers have no time to figure out how to design your business cards. To ensure that you get your name out there, we’ve taken the challenge out of creating your own cards with our own pre-made business card templates. To help make your life even easier, we’ve hand-picked 10 business card templates that are the most popular, creative and simply stunning!

Two-Toned Business Card

Two Toned Business Card Template

Keep it simple and minimal yet bright and fun with this two-toned business card. Perfect for any type of freelancer, the contrasting colors of bright yellow and concrete grey is eye-catching. The playful font also adds an element of surprise but is still professional. Use any one of our high gloss finishes to truly make the color in this design pop. The reverse side of this card also has the geometric design using the yellow and grey tones. Create this Business Card

Geometric Business Card

If you’re looking for a modern, geometric design that will let your business card stand out of the pile, look no further than this one. This bright, multi-colored design is ideal for any type of freelancer but is most suited to painters, photographers, illustrators, and graphic designers. The unusual, black front is bold enough, so it reads well on this unique background. Add your contact details on the plain white reverse side of the card in any font you like. Create this Business Card

Botanical Business Card

Botanical Business Card Template
Perfect for floral, textile and graphic designers, this botanical card is stunningly simple. With a silk matte, super gloss or pearl silver finish, you can add your own flair to this business card template and truly make it your own. The beautiful bold font reads well on this colorful, hand-drawn background and further heightens the sense of elegance of these cards. The reverse side is in a shade of deep blue and has plenty of space to add your name, title and contact details in a white font. Create this Business Card

Tooled-Up Business Card

Tool Business Card Template
Whether you’re a mechanic, plumber or carpenter, this business card is perfect for any type of repair person or handyman. The cool illustrations give the card a sense of whimsy and illustrates precisely what type of freelancer you are. Additionally, the simple black font and minimal color choice in the design really pops on the plain white background. Add a matte finish for protection against oil, water and any other substance you may use during your workday, and you’ll have the perfect, on-brand business card. Create this Business Card

Marble Business Card

Marble Business Card Template
Marble has always been a luxurious material, and in this simple and minimal design, it oozes luxury. Add an indulgent silk matte finish to this business card, and you’ll definitely catch potential clients eyes. This business card is an excellent option for anyone, but especially for interior designers, wedding coordinators, nail technicians, and lifestyle bloggers. The reverse side of this business card template is plain white with enough space for your contact details. Create this Business Card

Library Business Card

Library Business Card Template
Add a touch of nostalgia to your business card with this library style card paired with this typewriter font. It’s the type of business card that will leave receivers of it smiling with memories of heading to the library as kids. Perfect business card for editors, writers, copywriters, and storytellers, it truly embraces the essence of a wordsmith. Create this Business Card

Color Chart Business Card

Color Swatch Business Card Template
Whether a painter, interior designer or hair colonist, this color chart business card can be used in many smart ways by freelancers. The simple and clean design will be beautifully complemented by a matte finish that will give it a true texture of a color chart. The white strip allows for a simple way to add legible contact information that could be lost on a yellow background. Create this Business Card

Black & White Business Card

Black and White Business Card Template
Keep it completely simple with this classic black, grey and white business card. Less is more with this card, and no matter what you do it adapts to your skillset. Even though this business card is minimal, it has touch sophistication and elegance which can be enhanced by a silk matte finish. Use your initials as a logo which can be placed on both sides of the card. Create this Business Card

Foodie Business Card

From food stylist and bloggers to private chefs and caterers, if you’re a freelancer that works in the food industry, this business card template is for you. This business card has a mouthwatering photograph of flatbread on the one side and a plain white background on the other for all your contact details.  Create this Business Card

With a few clicks, you’ll have access to 50 + business card templates suited for almost every freelancer out there. These clean and simple designs can be edited to fit your needs, contact details and color preference with our online business card editor. You’re now so close to having your very own business cards! All you need to do is pick your favorite, edit it and print it. To add the perfect finishing touch we highly recommend you add a beautiful silk finish to your business cards for a sleek look and feel - its a favorite among our customers!