Customisable Business Card Templates
Made Exclusively for Your Company

We understand the importance of reordering cards in a timely manner while maintaining a consistent brand identity. To help streamline this process, we will create an exclusive corporate account master template for you, closely matching any existing template your company already has. Set up and pre-built on our platform, the template can be instantly modified when new employees come on board or saved to easily reprint or edit at a later date. Our corporate accounts template allows your branding, logo, colour palette and layout to be locked in place, ensuring consistency with every reprint or new order.

Creating a new set of business cards is simple. All you have to do is enter your employee’s name and contact information in the template’s fields and the card is done! The template is already optimised for printing and allows you to preview the card without margins and grids, to give you a better idea of the finished product. And, best of all, you can download a PDF and save it for your own records.

There are no setup costs to be part of our corporate accounts program and no long-term commitment; you can cancel the service at any time. Re-ordering business cards or ordering in bulk has never been easier!