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Don't Try Studio - 3ply Letterpress & Foil Business Cards

These eye-catching business cards created for the Parisian designer Quentin Monge feature an exhilarating combination of colours, both in the design as well as in the stocks used. Produced as unique 3-ply Layered Business Cards, each card consists of three different stocks - creating an interesting layered effect along the edge. The front and middle paper layers consist of selections from the Jukebox Colour Collection of stocks. A custom die was made to stamp white foil onto the surface of the front side, creating just enough contrast with the colourful paper underneath. The back (and final paper layer) is a soft white Cotton stock with a delicate texture, perfect for the colourful letterpress design. A traditional and specialty print service, letterpress creates an impression in the paper while each ink colour is being applied. While letterpress products with more than a couple colours are rare, these cards boast an impressive 5 colours of letterpress used to create the artistic design.

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Print Output

Specialty Processes

Quentin Monge N/A Layering, Foiling, Letterpress



Approximate Price

3-ply Layered Colour Stock/ Colour Stock/ Cotton Uncoated $3600USD