Stop - Face Coverings Required

If you're looking to catch your customers' attention before entering your store, opt for these stop and read stickers. Printed in bold colors, these stickers get the message of wearing face masks are compulsory in your store across.

Face Masks yellow
Face Masks orange
Face Masks red
Face Masks blue
Face Masks black
Face Masks pink
Face Masks green
Face Masks White

Stop (Masks Required)

Governor's Exectuive Order yellow

Protect Yourself

Protect Yourself yellow
Protect Yourself pink
Protect Yourself orange
Protect Yourself green
Protect Yourself blue
Protect Yourself purple
Protect Yourself red
Protect Yourself Navy Blue

Wash Your Hands V3.

Wash Your Hands V2. yellow
Wash Your Hands V2. blue
Wash Your Hands V2. pink
Wash Your Hands V2. Darker purple
Wash Your Hands V2. green
Wash Your Hands V2. red
Wash Your Hands V2. Aqua

Enhanced Sanitation In Effect

Enhanced Sanitation Darker purple
Enhanced Sanitation Bondi Blue
Enhanced Sanitation blue
Enhanced Sanitation yellow
Enhanced Sanitation purple
Enhanced Sanitation pink
Enhanced Sanitation White
Enhanced Sanitation orange
Enhanced Sanitation green

Sanitize your Hands Here (Arrow)

Sanitize Your Hands Here (Arrow) purple
Sanitize Your Hands Here (Arrow) yellow
Sanitize Your Hands Here (Arrow) red
Sanitize Your Hands Here (Arrow) blue

Do Not Sit Here - V1

These stickers can be used anywhere from transport services and restaurants to office spaces and retail stores. Instruct anyone entering your workspace or store where they can and can't sit with these 'please do not sit here' stickers.

Do Not Sit Here - Circle

Temperature Check

Temperature Check yellow

School Signs

Please Keep Our School Safe Deep Blue

Mirror Stickers

Help Stop The Spread

Face Coverings Required

Face Coverings Required red
Face Coverings Required yellow
Face Coverings Required dark blue
Face Coverings Required Darker Green

Wash Your Hands - Super Heros

Wash your hands super heros purple
Wash your hands super heros yellow
Wash your hands super heros Forest Green
Wash your hands super heros blue
Wash your hands super heros dark pink

We Are Open red
We Are Open with Social Distancing red
Supporting Local Business red
Customer Crowd Control 2
Customer Crowd Control 3
Customer Crowd Control 4
Customer Crowd Control 5