Social Distancing Floor Stickers

Small efforts lead to big changes. As the term social distancing continues to spread and become part of our natural behaviors, a reminder is still needed for those who haven't adapted to this new way of being or for those who may not understand the need. Our Floor Stickers will help promote social distancing so that individuals can remember how a small change on their part can make a big positive impact on the health and safety of their community.

Our social distancing stickers are waterproof and come in a Super Matte coating to protect your design, and can be easily removed from the floor. These are designed to be placed inside your establishment, but our Permanent Matte and Permanent Gloss options are stronger and ideal for cement surfaces like a sidewalk. We can produce floor decals in any shape and size, but the popular ones are a 12" circle or 3' rectangle.

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Floor decals for any surface

Floor Decals for any Surface

Our floor decals can be applied to any surface - glass, wood, cement, you name it and it will adhere with no problem. We add an extra layer of protective Anti-Slip coating so they will be strong, safe, and long-lasting.

social distancing carpet stickers

Add Social Distancing Stickers on your Carpet

Our Carpet Matte stickers are specifically designed for commercial carpet applications and are ideal for temporary solutions. They are residue-free, so your carpet will not be damaged after removing the sticker, and they are protected with the same anti-slip coating as our other social distancing stickers, making them completely safe. Learn more

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