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Social Distancing Stickers For Brands' That Think
Outside The Box

COVID-19 has turned everything that is 'normal' on its head, and everyone — whether at home or work — has had to readjust to a new norm. In the last few months, social distancing, wearing masks, and practicing impeccable hygiene have become this norm for most global populations. It is something that no one could have predicted, but the reality of this has hit everyone hard. 

Businesses have been one of those sectors that have been hit the hardest. Not by just the lack of activity, but also having to adapt to new rules and regulations. For businesses that have been able to continue to operate, finding solutions that keep both staff and customers safe is essential. This has meant putting in place sanitization stations, wearing masks in workspaces, and enforcing social distancing

Stay Informed With Stickers

Even though most people know what the new norm is, reminders of how to do things and how things work now need to be in place. One of the easiest and most cost-effective solutions to do this is through the use of stickers. It is also both a temporary and permanent solution that can be used as long as needed. The use of stickers during the pandemic has been highly effective and was first adopted by grocery stores, hospitals, and malls. 

Currently, most standard social distancing stickers are very impactful with its messaging but are lacking a little creativity. Yes, these types of stickers need to be taken seriously, but they do not have to look and feel clinical, cold, or lack imagination. Brands need to start thinking outside the box and opt for COVID-19 branding that will truly make it stand out while remaining completely on-brand.

Keeping COVID-19 Rules & Regulations On-Brand

The new rules and regulations brought upon businesses by COVID-19 are compulsory, but that doesn't mean following them needs to be dull and boring. No matter what the look is, the most crucial part of COVID-19 awareness in your business is the messaging. Whether you're instructing your customers and staff to social distance, wear masks, or wash their hands, you can still do it in an on-brand, creative way. 

From tech companies to ad agencies, here are a few creative social distancing sticker solutions that get the COVID-19 rules and regulations across to staff and customers:

Boutique-Style Sticker

Forget the classic round or square stickers, and opt for this unique design. In beautiful complementary colors, these stickers have an artistic look and feel while still having a clear, impactful message. These social distancing stickers will work well in boutique stores, artisan workshops, and co-working spaces.


Abstract Landscape Sticker

From design studios to publishing houses, get your social distancing message across with these abstract landscape stickers. Even though bright and bold, the unique and beautiful design ensures that this sticker is not an eyesore. Plus, by complementing the design with bold, white font, the messaging of this sticker is not lost.


Elegant Sticker

Beautifully designed using rich tones and luxurious fonts, these social distancing stickers are made for luxury brands. From high-end restaurants to exclusive travel agencies, these black, gold, and white stickers have an elegant and classy look and feel that perfectly compliment the opulence that your brand exudes.


Fruit Fighters Sticker

If you're looking for social distancing stickers that are quirky and cool while still being impactful, these fruit fighter stickers may be the perfect fit for your brand. These illustrated stickers will work well with any creative brand with a light-hearted, fun approach to business like gaming, animation, and design studios.


Wood Slab Sticker

Whether you choose these stickers to compliment the aesthetic of your workspace or store or the natures of your business, it is both impactful and creative. Perfect for office spaces that use wood throughout or for lumberjack companies, these stickers look realistic, but their messaging is still clear and coherent.

No matter what business you run, following the new COVID-19 rules and regulations like social distancing and wearing masks is essential. But that doesn't mean you can't get a little creative and get stickers that genuinely complement your brand.
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