Smooth Matte Laminate Business Cards with Spot UV

What is Spot UV and How Can It Make My Card Fantastic?

Spot UV illuminates select words or artwork so that they reflect and gleam in the light, giving the card a multi-textured look and feel. We provide the addition of Spot UV Gloss exclusively on our premium 16pt Smooth Matte Laminate stock. Spot UV is applied based on your unique design. The radiant Spot UV shines in the light subtly, reflecting and pronouncing these areas.

Emboss your Spot UV Business Card!

Did you want to take your card to the next level? Go for the Spot UV with blind embossing. Request a custom quote.

Helpful Ideas for an Effective Spot UV Business Card

The Spot UV coating is subtle and elegant so don't be afraid to be creative. The bigger the Spot UV graphic the bigger the impact! Spot UV tends to be most effective when your background is solid black and the Spot UV layer is a watermark of unique shapes and patterns.

The "Susanne Hassler Photography" card (below) is a great example of effective use of Spot UV on matte laminate cards. Here, the floral pattern is prominently placed throughout the card and bleeds off the edges. This high ratio of Spot UV and laminate contrast will create the greatest impact. The "Modera Construction" card is nicely designed with the effect of a wooden grain acting as the Spot UV gloss. The design is simple yet very effective.

With the right artwork, a watermark that is registered on top of a logo can also be effective. This has a subtle effect and will be more arresting on a dark background. We try to dissuade exactly registering the Spot UV gloss above small text. The impact is much less effective and it will require turning the card in the light to see the UV gloss.. If you have any questions or need guidance building your file please email us or call us toll free: 888 667 0067.

How to add Spot UV to your business card file?

You would need to supply a second file indicating what elements or objects you want the Spot UV applied to. The Spot UV file needs to be solid black and submitted as a separate file (see below). For best results please submit your Spot UV file as a Vector PDF format. This can be achieved in either Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Indesign. Please note if your business card is double sided and you want Spot UV applied to both sides you would need to supply us 4 separate files. Please review our naming convention below to simplify the ordering process.

Naming Conventions:
(please follow our example below)

Front.pdf    Front_UV.pdf
Back.pdf     Back_UV.pdf

All black images on your file will print as the Spot UV gloss.
* IMPORTANT! In order for us to proceed with your order you must include the Spot UV file as a separate file.

Video Tutorial

Software: Adobe Illustrator
Title: Creating a SPOT UV File
Time: 3:12
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Spot UV Business Cards on Smooth Matte 16pt Laminate Cardstock
Quantity 1000
3.5" x 2" Spot UV Business Cards
with Rounded 4 corners (.25 Radius)
Quantity 1000
3.5" x 2" Spot UV Business Cards $149
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