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A Sample Pack is a great way to see and feel our products so you know exactly what to order. We currently have a range of sample packs available depending on your needs:
Standard Sample Pack
Due to an overload of requests with will temporarily not be taking orders for standard sample packs; however, if you have a specific request please feel free to order one of our other sample pack options. We hope to enable them for ordering in the near future, so please check back soon!
Recycled Sample Pack
If you are only interested in recycled content card stocks, this is the Sample Pack for you. The Recycled Sample Pack is not customisable.
Specialty Sample Pack
If you are looking for a specific product or sample, you will need to place an order for this sample pack.
Includes a $15 coupon off your next order!
New! Wedding Invitation Sample Pack
Comes with all our paper samples for wedding invitations in an elegant box - perfect for wedding planners and brides to be.
Includes a $25 coupon off your next order!