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Ribbon Style Letterpress Business Card

These cute business cards were created for an event planner using both a custom die-cut shape and a special letterpress technique for the design. Die-cutting is a customizable process where a metal die can be created in the shape of almost any unique design, used to cut the cards themselves with precision. This ribbon shape was created as an addition to the pre-made custom shapes available for all Jukebox customers. The design on these cards uses three colours of letterpress to make the cards even more unique. A traditional and specialty print service, letterpress creates an impression in the paper while each ink colour is being applied. The 40pt Cotton stock used has a soft texture fitting with the overall theme of the card, while the thickness of this paper helps the card remain sturdy and durable even with its unique shape.

You can order your own business cards in this fun ribbon shape by submitting a Print Quote request.


Print Output

Specialty Processes

Anna Beck 3 Colour Letterpress Letterpress, Die Cutting



Approximate Price

40pt Bright White Cotton Uncoated $440USD