Brown Kraft Wrapping Paper
The perfect finishing touch.

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Your products deserve the best packaging available, and there’s nothing better than custom Wrapping Paper. Remind your customers of your attention to detail by sending them home with a package tastefully wrapped in your branding and design.

We offer Wrapping Paper in a range of gorgeous shades from white to brown. White Kraft is clean and simple, while Light Beige Kraft adds a unique colouring while remaining versatile. Our signature Brown Kraft is now available in a thinner more pliable 3pt option, along with the traditional 8pt thickness.

Our Kraft Wrapping Paper was designed to be perfect for packaging goods to be shipped, sold in-store or for wrapping up gifts for your favourite customers and clients. Why settle for plain brown packing paper when you can set yourself apart with a playful and unique packaging option?

Wrapping Paper is 24 inches wide and can be ordered in rolls of 25 to 400 feet lengths. We can print your beautiful designs in black (recommended to best show off this unique stock) or full colour. Your wrapping paper is printed with 2-3 business day turnaround; also available on Same Day Service for an additional cost.

Kraft Wrapping Paper isn’t only for businesses! Create custom wrapping paper and surprise your family this Christmas, or wrap up your party gifts and have people talking about your event for months. You can order as few as one roll, and best of all there are no set-up fees. Get creative with Kraft this holiday season!

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Common FAQs
What paper is the Wrapping Paper printed on?

We have a range of different thickness's and colours for our Wrapping Paper products. The wrapping papers are printed on a 24 inch wide roll – colours include White, Light Beige and Brown.

How is the Wrapping Paper packaged and shipped?

Wrapping Paper will be supplied as a roll – and will be packaged in a tube for shipping.

How many colours can I have printed?

Wrapping paper rolls are printed full colour process (CMYK); or also with the option of black ink only.

Please note that our Wrapping Papers are uncoated, inks tend to soak into the paper and appear duller than a coated paper print. Coloured stocks (such as Brown, Light Ivory Beige) will effect how colours appear when printed. We do not print white ink.

The maximum coverage area is 50% of the sheet. This paper cannot hold large areas of solid colour. For this reason, 50% of the area of the sheet must be blank (not have ink coverage or design on it).

What is the difference between the Wrapping Paper stocks?

The main difference between the stocks is the thickness and colour of the paper. From lightest do darkest in colour, the stocks we offer are:

  • White Kraft
  • Light Beige Kraft
  • Brown Kraft

The PT (Points) value of the paper represents the thickness – the higher the number the thicker the paper. Generally a thicker the wrapping paper the less "show through" (print being visible through the back of the paper) will occur. Thinner papers may be more suitable for certain uses – such as tissue wrapping paper for fine goods.

What can Wrapping Paper be used for?

The uses for our Wrapping Paper are only limited by your imagination. Give your customers the extra touch of service with personalised Wrapping Paper for your products:

  • Art and craft stores
  • Clothing and shoe stores
  • Personalised gifts
  • Branded packages
  • Packaging home-made gifts
  • Home and lifestyle goods
  • Corporate Christmas gifts
  • even us it as custom wallpaper in your home!

The uses are endless – Share you unique uses of our Wrapping Paper with others using #Jukeboxprint on social media.

Can I see samples of the Wrapping Paper?

You may request Samples of the Wrapping Paper via a Specialty Sample Pack.

What sizes are available for Wrapping Paper?

Our Wrapping paper rolls are 24 inches wide. You can purchase in lengths of 25, 50, 100, 150, 300 or 400 feet.

Please note: longer roll lengths may not be continuous (there may be a break every 50 feet).

What is colour output like on the coloured Wrapping Papers?

The colours are effected by the colour of the paper being printed on to (such as Ivory, Beige and Brown Kraft). The uncoated property of the paper also means that colours do no appear as vibrant when compared with a coated print.

How do I supply files for Wrapping Paper?

We prefer a PDF format file. You can supply one 6" x 6" panel design to be tiled over the paper – or a 24" x 72" panel to be tiled down the length of the roll.

Please also read the FAQ "How many colours can I have printed?" regarding coverage restrictions.

What is the finest detail possible on the Wrapping Paper?

We recommend font sizes that are equivalent to 18pt Helvetica or larger. The finest detail we recommend is 4pt line thickness.

The fine uncoated paper does not hold detail as well as thicker or coated stocks.

What is the recycled content of the Wrapping Paper?

All of our Wrapping Paper products are come from sustainable sources.

We have a range of 100% recycled papers available for our Wrapping Paper product:

  • Beige Kraft (5PT)
  • Brown Kraft (3PT and 8PT)