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Our Pre-made 3D Embossed Collection Coming Soon

Bring your product to life with 3D Embossing

Jukebox has set the standard with 3D embossing, a specialized process created for those interested in the most unique business card possible. We are proud to have made our mark in history by being the very first to offer this truly unique product, and we are ecstatic to be able to take this specialty process and incorporate it with other specialty processes such as foiling and letterpress to create the best business cards in the world. With 3D embossing, your design can be raised up to an astonishing .25" and the complete card can be done with a textured effect or just your logo raised up from the paper stock itself.

As a convenient service we have pre-made designs. If you are looking for something elegant, then choose our pillow texture and add parts of your design in letterpress or foil.

Samples can be picked up at our three separate locations in Vancouver, Toronto and NYC. As well, you can request a Specialty Sample Pack and have these shipped straight to your address.

Need help with design? Our design team can assist from beginning to end. Design Services

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Beautiful letterpress and 3D embossing combine to perfection on this thick 40pt cotton paper stock. The pattern in the card was created with blind letterpress and creates its own, finely detailed texture.

Bright 40pt cotton with elegant multi-colour letterpress and 3D embossing. The 3D embossing and five different colors of letterpress combine for one of the most striking designs possible.

Luxurious pillow texture business cards with elegant, metallic gold foil and letterpress. The soft paper of the cotton is raised into an unique pattern and is accompanied to perfection by the intricate detail of the foil and letterpress design.

Wonderful 3D embossing on our sturdy 30pt Onyx Black stock combines to make one powerful business card. The metallic black foil was used to give the text more contrast on the black paper. This business card is not like any other.

Combining 3D Embossing with Letterpress and gold foil printing. Finished with spectacular gold edge foiling.

Breathtaking Texture

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