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2-ply Business Cards

A stand out in the world of print, 2-ply business cards are created by mounting two stocks together, doubling the thickness of your favourite stock or allowing you to create inspired combinations. We love to give you the most versatile options of any other printer - that's why we allow you to create layered cards from any selections within our full range of unique cardstocks.

Mix and match - choose a different stock for each side of your 2-ply card for a bolder choice. Some of our favourite combinations include Premium Black with Bright White Cotton, Wood combined with Cork, or any combination of your favourite coated and uncoated stocks.

Aside from the striking visual appeal, 2-ply business cards offer other useful qualities like the ability to create hidden backing for an embossed design. A 2-ply card can hide the opposite impression of an emboss, meaning there will be no interference with the back of your card's design. This innovative option also offers the ability to emboss or deboss a design on both sides.

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